Brusco Vision Reveals the Questions to Ask to Find the Best LASIK Surgeon in Washington DC


Falls Church, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Falls Church, Virginia -

Brusco Vision, a vision correction practice based in Falls Church, VA, has recently published an article that reveals the “Questions to Ask to Find the Best LASIK Surgeon for You in Washington DC.” Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is usually the best choice for vision correction for people with farsightedness or hyperopia, nearsightedness or myopia, and astigmatism. However, it is critical to ask relevant questions when comparing LASIK surgeons serving Washington DC to be able to make an informed decision on which surgeon to choose.

Dr. Michael Brusco says, “Asking questions and learning what makes one LASIK physician different from another is crucial because not all LASIK surgeons are the same. At Brusco Vision, we want to ensure that you receive personalized care, are well-informed about your vision correction options in the Washington DC area, and are confident in your decision to get LASIK surgery with our skilled LASIK specialist. When considering any LASIK surgeon, asking pertinent questions is crucial.”

One important question is how many LASIK surgeries the surgeon has performed. Ideally, a LASIK surgeon should have already performed at least 10,000 LASIK procedures because they need to be doing these surgeries frequently. Another good question to ask is whether they have ever declined a request from a patient for LASIK surgery. Ideally, this question has to be answered in the affirmative because not everyone can be an ideal LASIK candidate. If the surgeon answers in the negative, this may indicate that their priority is monetary gain over the patient’s overall outcome and long-term well-being.

Another good question to ask is the surgeon’s success rate for the procedure. It is essential for the LASIK surgeon to have a good success rate with the procedure for the treatment of the type and severity of visual impairment the patient has. It is also a good idea to ask whether the surgeon only does LASIK or the complete range of refractive vision correction surgeries. This is crucial because there is no single method of vision correction that is the best for all patients. If the surgeon is only knowledgeable and experienced in LASIK, chances are that they may insist on using LASIK even if it is not the best alternative for the patient.

Dr. Michael Brusco explains, “Your vision correction procedure should be customized to your unique needs; thus, it’s crucial to find a surgeon that performs LASIK and its alternatives. It’s okay if you don’t meet the requirements for LASIK surgery. Although it may be disheartening to learn that you are not a LASIK candidate, it is preferable to work with a surgeon who values your needs over their bottom line, even if it means telling you that LASIK is not an option.”

Using a vision correction procedure for which the patient is not a good candidate may cause problems and there will likely be a need for additional refractive surgery. When discussing LASIK, patients have to make sure they are truthful about their medical background. The competent vision correction surgeon will always ensure that the patient is a strong candidate for the recommended procedure.

Brusco Vision is a boutique-style laser vision correction and refractive surgery practice that was established by Dr. Michael Brusco, who has already helped tens of thousands of patients get natural clear vision and get back their visual freedom. He has a team of patient, well-trained, and caring staff who guide each patient through the corrective vision surgery procedure. In addition, he has already done over 5,000 lens-based procedures, including refractive cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange (RLE or Custom Lens Replacement), and Visian ICL. And they are one of the few vision correction practices in the East Coast that has the capability to offer six alternative LASIK procedures.

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