Momcozy launches ‘Learning is Caring’ campaign; supporting new moms through the power of learning


Learning is Caring Toolkit

The ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit, as seen on Momcozy’s website
The ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit, as seen on Momcozy’s website
The ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit, as seen on Momcozy’s website

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Momcozy, North America’s top-selling wearable breast pump brand, announced the launch of its new ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit, to empower moms in navigating early motherhood. The initiative was conceived after a recent survey conducted as part of an ongoing study by Momcozy revealed that most moms face constant challenges, including a lack of support when breastfeeding and pumping.

Starting today moms can find the ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit under the ‘support’ section of Momcozy’s website. The toolkit provides shareable resources for mothers covering a wide range of topics related to breastfeeding, pumping, and mother and baby wellness, including articles on lactation and breast health, setting up a pumping routine, managing your baby's sleep and introducing solid foods.

In addition to the toolkit, Momcozy encourages visitors to keep the conversation going by subscribing to its newsletter for more tips and resources.

In a survey of North American moms conducted by Momcozy from July 25th, 2022-September 13th, 2022, Momcozy utilized its social media accounts and newsletter to reach out to respondents about their breastfeeding and pumping experiences. Its findings revealed that moms face many challenges, extending from the logistical side (time, location and equipment management), to social aspects (dealing with isolation and social norms), and health issues between mom and baby (engorged breasts, sore nipples, expression issues, latching and allergy problems). Most importantly, a common thread found in most responses is that most moms often don’t receive enough support, and have to navigate their own challenges through trial and error.

“Many people think support is helping mom with the chores, watching over the baby, giving them a supportive work environment and so on,” said Momcozy representative Ella. “They’re not wrong, but what most moms really need is information and guidance. Once moms leave the hospital, they’re often kind of expected to just figure everything out on their own. It can be overwhelming,” Ella continued, “Motherhood is a battle where mom ultimately has to do most of her own fighting, but she can have help along the way. At Momcozy helping moms is in our DNA, and our mission is to accompany moms at every step from pregnancy through early motherhood. We hope that through our ‘Learning is Caring’ toolkit we can empower moms by giving them the tools to better navigate their own motherhood journey.”

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