BNB 3X AUTO MINER - The World 1st Auto Compound Miner


BNB 3X AUTO MINER highlighted that its users can deposit BNB to mine high reward of 3% BNB daily.

Singapore, Singapore , Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BNB 3X AUTO MINER highlighted that its users can deposit BNB to mine high reward of 3% BNB daily. Everything is automated, the compounding is all done for you. This BNB reward is even more attractive considering that the BNB price forecast for 2022 anticipates a significant increase, when the market goes bullish again.

That prediction is coming true. If you look at the below chart, you’ll notice that BNB has actually gone up significantly in the last 30 days — to the tune of 154%! And this trend is continuing strongly

BNB chart from Jul 13 to Aug 12. Source:

With a market capitalization of $39 billion, BNB is the 5th biggest coin on the market. The coin has already made many millionaires. Its rapid adoption will probably make many more millionaires in the coming years. BNB is a great investment option for investors looking for a long term asset because of the strong use case of BNB on the world #1 Binance Exchange with 15 billions volume everyday, and the solid growth of BNB Chain network, the number 2 chain just behind Ethereum.

What does that mean for you? Here’s what. While other investors are afraid or making loss with other coins, you accumulate and triple your BNB, the coin with strong foundation and potential, with BNB 3X Auto Miner. Your BNB rewards from BNB 3X AUTO MINER will be multiplied as the price of BNB jumps! After a few months staking at BNB 3X Auto Miner, your BNB holding has x3. On top of this, with the gain of BNB price increase by 200% or 300%, you will have easily multiplied your assets by 6 to 9 times when market recovers.

How does BNB 3X AUTO Miner work?

It’s an interesting concept. You deposit BNB in order to hire imaginary miners that will mine THOREUM-BNB LPs and convert to BNB rewards for you. This platform offers you daily earnings in BNB of up to 3%.

Why use THOREUM-BNB LPs instead of BNB in the overall process? Because the value of THOREUM-BNB LP tends to be higher in the long term than just BNB, thanks to both THOREUM & BNB price appreciation.

BNB chart from Jul 15 to Aug 11. Source:

THOREUM is the most hyper deflationary token, which has a limited supply of 50 millions tokens, of which 63.2178% has been burned at launch and 25% of the tokens are burned every sell. That's the reason THOREUM is one of the only green tokens growing on the bloodiest days in recent crypto history.

Furthermore, BNB 3X Auto Miner rewards you with passive income of compounding interest. You can opt to keep your money parked in the system and earn interest on top of your interest, by compounding every day and earn an extra 105% compound bonus a week. All compounding is done automatically, you just press the button to turn on Automation, relax and let that money printer work for you.

Additionally, sustainability measures like new deposit incentive, daily biggest depositor prize, etc. are in place to prevent draining and promote longevity of the project.

What are the benefits to welcome new players?

Every day, the highest depositor of the day will be rewarded 1% of total locked value, very attractive, because it is 1% of all money in the contract's balance, and increasing every deposit!

Furthermore, $20 is airdropped to every new miner account. You just deposit at least 1 THOREUM-BNB LP (around 0.07 BNB) to claim your rewards.

All about THOREUM

Thoreum Capital is the world's first hyper-deflationary token with 25% burned every sell. It is the next breakthrough in Defi space, an innovation enabling the passive income token to be hyper deflationary. This is the most updated one of 3 versions in more than 1 year of its evolution.

Thoreum has earned for itself a high reputation with 3 audit certificates: from Certik audit with 0 issue, Paladin Blockchain Security and Techrate. Thoreum currently is one of the biggest and best staking platforms in 2022, well trusted for having continually launched successful projects.

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