ABM Hot Expo Makes a Splash Landing in North America; Inaugural Celebrity Level Brand-Selection Event Attracts Thousands in Greater Vancouver


Hot Expo – ‘Hello Vancouver’ Brand Exhibition North America Stop Concludes Successfully

Hot Expo

Hot Expo Concludes Successfully
Hot Expo Concludes Successfully
Hot Expo Concludes Successfully

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The international brand exhibition “Hot Expo 2022 – Hello Vancouver”, elaborately curated by Access Brand Management (ABM), came to a successful conclusion at the Shipyards District, North Vancouver on July 18. By staging a trendy two-day brand carnival at The Pipe Shop, ABM, the global brand intelligent distribution platform under the Access Corporate Group, presented Canada with 10 cutting-edge brands from Australia, New Zealand and the United States in wellness, beauty and lifestyle industries. The event attracted over 2,500 attendees from the Greater Vancouver Area, including buyers, self-media, entrepreneurs and influencers whose lists of online followers exceeds 10 million. It is believed to be the largest celebrity brand-selection event in Canada in 2022 attracting thousands of attendees.

The 10 pioneering brands participating in the Hot Expo cover wellness, lifestyle, beauty, baby care and other fields that consumers have great affinity for. They include SRW, the pioneer of technology to improve cellular age; MitoQ, leader of the cellular wellness revolution; Vida Glow, the world’s top-selling ingestible beauty brand; Thorne, the exclusive supplement provider for the U.S. National Team, and 6 other cutting-edge brands.

“Access Brand Management is an important promoter in the global wellness field. We are very honored to cooperate with ABM with such depth to expand the global market and help more wellness-conscious consumers to improve their quality of life,” said Greg Macpherson, founder and CEO of SRW, commenting from the Hot Expo.

In addition to assembling a group of innovative brands to land in Canada, another highlight of the Hot Expo was the lineup of guest speakers. At the event, over 10 brand founders, scientists, nutritionists, and 10 top-tier online influencers in North America attended the event to convey the concepts of wellness, beauty and quality of life to the audience through keynote speeches and live demonstrations. The event also invited key opinion leaders, professional buyers and self-media from the Greater Vancouver Area to share their entrepreneurial journey and discuss the latest trends in the industry.

As the organizer of this event, ABM has successfully navigated through its fifth year. In the past five years, ABM has not only created a new business model as well as empowered individual entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, but also brought worldwide impressive products to consumers and never stopped fulfilling the mission of "Everyday Better Life". The Hot Expo in Vancouver is the debut of the newly upgraded ABM international brand intelligent distribution platform in North America. In addition to serving traditional dealers with global high-quality products that can be distributed and a full range of digital tools, the newly upgraded ABM will help online netizens, such as bloggers and self-media, to expand their monetization channels and deliver international high-quality commodities to more consumers. High-quality selection is undoubtedly the core value of the platform, and it will remain unchanged throughout ABM's next five-year development.

“Choosing a suitable business monetization model is a topic that all content creators are concerned about, and it is also the most difficult step in the entrepreneurial experience,” said JZ, a Canadian influencer who has 300,000 followers on the Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), “The new upgrade of ABM has subtlety bridged the communication and cooperation gap between influencers and brands. Now influencers can obtain one-stop services from ABM, including product selection, logistics, accounting and after-sales, and thereby develop a high-efficiency and low-cost business model.”

It’s no coincidence that Hot Expo chose the Greater Vancouver area to be its debut location. “We have always believed that consumers in Vancouver are among the most discerning groups in the world,” said Livia Wang, one of the founding members and the Chief Brand Officer of Access Corporate Group, “Vancouver enjoys a unique natural environment and is one of the most livable cities worldwide. Local residents here believe in advanced wellness concepts, which is exactly what Access advocates: healthy and beautiful quality of life”.

On the first day of the event, the Hot Expo attracted more than 1,000 local consumers to enter and interact with each other. Each brand had their own featured interactive activities in their booth and brand representatives onsite spared no effort in learning attendees’ needs. Each brand booth was also equipped with a large number of trial packs for consumers who came to the exhibition. "The Hot Expo is the largest brand event in term of attendees that I have participated in. The organizers are very attentive. Each brand booth has a plethora of interesting interactive sessions. I also waited in line to check in at each brand booth”, praised Vicky Ye, a popular Vancouver blogger with 400,000 followers, “I don’t think their success is accidental. I have been personally moved by the stories and products of these brands”.

After the Hot Expo in Vancouver, ABM will further promote its brands nationwide across Canada while attracting the cooperation of more popular influencers, and through their reach, more consumers will be able to gain access to the internationally prominent brands and products selected by ABM. Livia Wang is full of confidence in ABM's expansion in the North American market.

“The brands we distribute at ABM are products that have been certified and loved by tens of millions of consumers around the world. I have always believed that good products can impress consumers. Today's hot brand exhibition has confirmed this. I hope that the newly upgraded ABM can join hands with the online influencers and professional buyers attending today, to promote these technology-empowered products, ahead of mainstream and cutting-edge brands expanding to more consumers in North America. At the same time, we will further explore more high-quality brands in the North American market and pass them on to consumers in other global markets through ABM”.

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