Ashland City Fire Department Partners with National Fire Sprinkler Association and Common Voices to bring Fire Demonstration to Ashland Farms


Ashland City, TN, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ashland City Fire Department hosted a neighborhood block party at the Ashland Farms apartment community on Tuesday, May 24th. The department was happy to partner with the National Fire Sprinkler Association and Common Voices for this event that provided live fire demonstrations so that the apartment residents would understand how fire sprinklers work to keep them safe from fire.

“Recent headlines show what happens when fire sprinklers are not present in apartments and single family homes,” explained Ashland City Fire Chief Chuck Walker. “Ashland City is fortunate to have had a fire sprinkler ordinance since 2001, and it makes us happy to see so much of our town protected with this life saving technology. Our firefighters love opportunities like this to be involved in our community, and we appreciate the NFSA and Common Voices for sharing resources and a great meal for all of the residents.”

Ashland City’s Mayor, J.T. Smith, along with Council members Adkins and Greer, attended the event that brought together over 100 citizens to learn about fire and life safety.

“I’m proud of the Ashland City Fire Department, and our community values the service provided by the department since 1935,” added Mayor Smith. “Ashland City’s future is bright, and we applaud the efforts of the fire service who work to keep us safe on a daily basis.”

These live fire sprinkler demonstrations are a dramatic visualization of the tremendous speed of a typical home fire and its potential for deadly destruction and, more importantly, illustrates the vital importance of residential fire sprinkler technology that can save lives, reduce property damage and protect firefighters.

The department hopes that residents realize they live in a home that includes fire sprinklers, and enjoyed hearing from those who attended. Fire sprinkler myths were addressed such as the fact that only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates to control the fire, and that burning the toast will NOT set off a fire sprinkler, heat must reach 155 degrees for the activation to occur. All attendees completed a survey, which helps the fire department and NFSA better serve the community.

Over 90% of those surveyed thought that all of the fire sprinklers go off at once, and were pleased to learn that only the fire sprinkler cloest to the fire activates. The same percentage thought that burning the toast would set off a fire sprinkler, and were glad to learn that is simply not the case.

"NFSA loves partnering with local fire departments and Common Voices to raise awareness and share information about how fire sprinklers work," explained NFSA President Shane Ray "Partners in Progress is more than a slogan to us, it is truly partnering with the community to ensure the widespread acceptance of fire sprinklers. We also want people who live in communities protected by fire sprinklers to demand them when they move to other places that don't."

NFSA plans to do additional Neighborhood events throughout the year, and looks forward to providing educational resources in communities that have fire sprinkler requirements through code adoption and stand alone ordinances.

CONTACT: Vickie Pritchett

National Fire Sprinkler Association