Innoneo Partners with Health Gorilla to Accelerate the Development of Health Innovation Initiatives


Palo Alto, California, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health Gorilla, a leading Health Information Network (HIN) and interoperability provider, today announced a partnership with Innoneo, an enterprise aiming to deliver fully integrated, smart, and personalized health and wellness services that are available, accessible, and affordable to everyone. Innoneo will leverage Health Gorilla's Health Interoperability Platform (HIP) and data processing engine to streamline its health data integrations and accelerate the development and delivery of its innovative services.

Innoneo is a global health enterprise with operations in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Its proprietary consumer-centric, fully integrated hybrid healthcare delivery and fulfillment system offers seamless access to personalized, proactive health and wellness services on demand, transforming the experience and value for every consumer and healthcare provider.

By leveraging Health Gorilla's interoperability solutions, which consolidate timely integrations into simple-to-implement APIs, Innoneo will be able to seamlessly access actionable clinical data, allowing them to:

  • Enrich and complement clinical EHR data
  • Assist in comprehensive health assessments
  • Streamline digital patient intake, stratification, and segmentation
  • Provide chronic care management services
  • Monitor patients remotely with virtual care solutions
  • Deliver connected data across the service continuum to improve access and enhance the value of care

"We are excited to partner with the Innoneo team and support their mission to ensure every person has access to top-of-the-line health and wellness services," said Steve Yaskin, CEO and co-founder of Health Gorilla. "Access to our platform will support and accelerate their health innovation initiatives and help them expand their healthcare data ecosystem."

Health Gorilla has built a cutting-edge FHIR-based HIP that functions as an on-ramp for organizations looking to access and exchange data nationally. The platform allows teams to securely access aggregated data, supports a diverse set of clinical use cases, and is improving outcomes across the country by ensuring providers have timely and efficient access to actionable information.

Health Gorilla is one of the only interoperability vendors with memberships to all three national healthcare networks and is preparing to apply for a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) designation under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) this year. It has undergone rigorous security certifications from government agencies and other leading healthcare organizations, is SOC-2 Type 2 compliant, and is pursuing a HITRUST certification.

"Health Gorilla and our team at Innoneo are both committed to innovating healthcare technology, delivering optimal experiences, empowering patients and providers with actionable clinical data, and enabling data-sharing for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Their implementation and customer success teams have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to growing alongside them," said Prasad Palthur, Chief Product and Integrated Innovation Officer at Innoneo.

"Health Gorilla's platform with its simple-to-implement approach has empowered our platforms and solutions to seamlessly access aggregated clinical data for permitted exchange purposes," said Andrew Hussain, Vice President of Information and Communications Technology at Innoneo.

About Health Gorilla

Founded in 2014, Health Gorilla is a national Health Information Network and interoperability platform providing permitted access to actionable patient data. With enterprise-grade clinical data APIs and an unparalleled master patient index, Health Gorilla makes it easy for providers to pull their patient's information from any clinical records system. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @HealthGorilla.

About Innoneo

Innoneo is a fully Integrated Health & Wellness Services Enterprise with the purpose of delivering Smart Personalized Health & Wellness Services available, accessible & affordable for everyone. Through innovation, focused investments, and curated network of partners, Innoneo has designed and developed a unique consumer-centric, integrated, hybrid healthcare delivery and fulfillment system. Innoneo's innovative and proprietary components, include: (a) integrated and coordinated health & wellness services; (b) connected health information and service exchange; (c) proactive & predictive programs for improved health outcomes with advanced engagement & experience; and (d) an integrated business model that is modular, configurable, and scalable creating a powerful network effect. Innoneo is poised to rapidly grow in North American markets and other selected geographies by implementing a multi-pronged partner-driven go-to-market approach.

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