Recommendation Startup Crossing Minds Receives Strategic Investment from Shopify


Shopify businesses can now use Crossing Minds’ recommendation platform to deliver personalized experiences without personal customer data or third-party cookies

SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crossing Minds, the smartest and most efficient recommendation platform for business, today announced an investment from leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, Shopify. In addition, the Crossing Minds platform is now available to Shopify merchants, enabling them to seamlessly leverage individualized recommendations that engage and convert customers without cookies or personal data. Shopify’s investment follows Crossing Minds’ recently announced Series A funding round and will allow the company to scale amongst Shopify’s global merchant base.

“We built the Crossing Minds recommendation platform to help merchants understand their customers better without sacrificing their customers’ privacy,” said Alexandre Robicquet, Crossing Minds co-founder and CEO. “We're thrilled to be a part of the Shopify ecosystem of commerce tools that are trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Shopify's merchant tools, providing great shopping experiences and precise recommendations.”

“AI is changing the world. And with Crossing Minds’ recommendation platform, we are using AI to change the way products are marketed to individual customers, with astonishing returns,” said Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of Crossing Minds. “With Shopify, we will now have the potential to reach millions of merchants. I am extremely excited about this.”

Shopify’s investment in Crossing Minds is the company’s first in an AI-powered recommendation platform and comes at a pivotal moment for online commerce. As global consumer data privacy laws are tightened and third-party cookies that track users across the Web are phased out, merchants are turning to solutions that drive engagement and conversions without undermining consumer privacy. The Crossing Minds platform does not require personal user data, using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology available today to provide relevant recommendations and personalized experiences for customers by analyzing on-site actions. Businesses using Crossing Minds see an average increase of 96% in sales and 120% in click-through rates.

“As we aim to make commerce better for everyone, our strategic investment in Crossing Minds will further provide merchants with a unique solution to provide relevant product recommendations and personalized experiences to meet customer's evolving needs," said Fjolla Bakalli, Shopify’s Manager of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives. "Crossing Minds is leading the future of recommendation and personalization through best-in-class AI that will ultimately enable Shopify merchants to build stronger relationships with their customers."

Crossing Minds integrates directly with existing commerce tools and platforms and businesses can get up and running with Crossing Minds in a few clicks. To learn more about how businesses can get started implementing personalized recommendations, visit

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