Adstra Launches Conexa™ Enterprise Identity Platform, A Revolutionary New Model for Security, Interoperability, and Cost-Efficiency


Conexa™ is the first Enterprise Identity technology that can operate behind a company’s firewall, and the first to be priced on a subscription basis

NEW YORK, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adstra today announced the consolidation of its suite of products into a new Enterprise Identity Platform (EIP) called Conexa, a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to support people-based marketing in an industry characterized by increasing fragmentation and mounting privacy regulation. Designed for maximum portability, interoperability, and control, Conexa™ features groundbreaking technology to help enterprises connect any type of identifier with any type of offline or online media efficiently, economically, and securely.

Given its ability to operate behind a brand’s firewall, Conexa™ is the first EIP to deliver brands the ability to accurately resolve and control consumer identity transparently inside their own environment, transact on that identity without privacy risk, and without being beholden to an external provider “tax” on their interaction with partners. Conexa™ brings together the critical features of Adstra’s Data Bureau and Portable Data Module to make it possible.

“Over the past 5 years, the industry has been defined by two seemingly countervailing trends: on the one hand we have the growth of people-based marketing and identity, and on the other hand, we have seen the emergence of a new paradigm for data privacy and transparency,” said Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra. “The Enterprise Identity Platform represents the culmination of those developments, and shows that personalized advertising can thrive alongside increasing demands for privacy, transparency, and control.”

Conexa™ is built on cloud-based technology enabling person-based, persistent, portable, and privacy-compliant enterprise data management, identity resolution, and enrichment. Early adopters of Conexa™ have experienced how it:

  • Reduces privacy risk - The only identity platform that can be completely installed behind the client’s firewall, eliminating the need for their data to be sent externally. Customers may run the platform themselves with Adstra user support or through Adstra managed remote resources with appropriate data access protections. With its modular design, EIP operates at a brand’s existing capabilities and evolves as their needs expand.
  • Increases efficiency - Highly interoperable across silos or with other platforms and partners technology.
  • Improves transparency - Provides transparency and flexibility into how identity is linked, allowing customers to configure for the right business/marketing outcomes.
  • Reduces costs - Provides an omnichannel system and the ability to resolve any form of known or anonymous identity reducing steps and number of providers needed.

"Enterprise identity is a cornerstone issue for brands in an era defined by higher consumer expectations, the loss of cookies and MAIDs, and elevated standards for privacy and security," said Brent Towne, Senior Director of Consumer Data Strategy at Cox Automotive. "By allowing us to bring this critical technology behind our firewall, Conexa™ provides Cox Automotive's DRiVEQ Consumer Intelligence Engine with the most elegant and comprehensive solution to these diverse challenges. DRiVEQ builds upon Conexa™ by layering in proprietary data assets, artificial intelligence, and native software integrations that enable Cox Automotive's portfolio of solutions to streamline the consumer experience, deliver elevated performance for our clients, all while not incurring risks associated with sending data out to third parties."

Priced on a subscription model, Conexa™ also represents a major shift in the economics of identity technology. Conexa™ represents a fixed and predictable cost for enterprises, rather than the volume-based or usage-based models that predominate in today’s market. With Adstra’s Conexa™, enterprises do not have to pay any incremental fees for additional use cases.

“We wanted to build a platform where each time you discover a new internal use case, you don't have to lament the conversation where you find out what it's going to cost you,” said Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra. “One of the most transformative parts of Conexa™ is this change in the core economic model for data. Enterprises should not be charged for getting more value from it. They should be free to experiment with new use cases without fear of incremental costs.”


Adstra is the new model for the data-driven enterprise. Adstra comprises a comprehensive suite of transparent identity and data solutions that are portable, futureproofed, and offered via a subscription-based model that liberates brands to realize the maximum value from their data. As the first Data Bureau, Adstra enables the flexibility to activate identity management and data capabilities within your existing technology environments. No other data provider bridges the gaps between PII and anonymized data with the same speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and frictionless portability across all media. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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