Signarama Lansdale Stands with Ukraine


LANSDALE, Pa., March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peter Naber, President of Signarama-Lansdale, is watching history repeat itself thousands of miles away in Ukraine, his family's homeland. Naber's heartbreak is shared by his Lansdale and Montgomery county community and he was looking for a way to give voice to that emotion. "We had to do something," he said. "And so we did what we do: we made signs."

The Signarama team designed an "I Stand with Ukraine" yard sign in the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag with that nation's symbolic sunflower prominently featured. He posted on social media that the signs were available for a donation or free at the shop and put a larger version of the sign outside his shop on Main Street in Lansdale. The response has been overwhelming: "We've given away over 600 signs so far and will continue to produce signs as long as there's a demand for them," said Naber.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine strikes an historical and family chord with him: he was named after his Grandfather, who fought in the Ukrainian army in the early 1920's, serving as a Chaplain. His Grandparents fled to Poland following Stalin's edict to murder all clergy members and they eventually emigrated to Canada and then to the US.

Naber says the stories he's been hearing from people when they pick up signs are both heartbreaking and hopeful. "It may seem like a small thing, to put a sign out, but it means a lot. You feel supported. You don't feel alone."

"I Stand with Ukraine" signs are available at Signarama Lansdale and Naber encourages anyone interested to pick up a sign and show support for the Ukrainian people by putting the sign out at their business, church, in their yard or window.


Peter Naber

Signarama Lansdale, PA

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