Dior 春夏2020時裝騷將於9月24日香港時間晚上8:30舉行,品牌官方為此發布了兩個IG短片與大家透露新系列的靈感以及場地布置。 第1條短片為場地主題的tips,Dior與城市觀景師及植物學家Coloco合作,為時裝騷帶來164棵樹製造一個大型的園林景觀。大家不用擔心這些樹在時裝騷下的去向,因為Dior早已安排好了,有份參與的樹木將會加入巴黎多個可持續發展項目,為加強林區為目標。

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第2條短片則是設計總監Maria Grazia Chiuri前往自然史博物館去發掘靈感用於是次春夏2020的設計上,相信會有很多不同的植物圖案出現。

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In her first Haute Couture collection for Dior, @MariaGraziaChiuri presented ‘Essence d'herbier’, a reinterpretation of the ‘Miss Dior’ dress embellished with meadow flowers reprising an exclusive embroidery sample from the Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy. Today, for Spring-Summer 2020, the Creative Director continues to explore herbaria, harnessing the savoir-faire of the Dior ateliers. In this video, she pays a visit to Marc Jeanson, the botanist and Director of the Grand Herbier at the Museum of Natural History in Paris (@Le_Museum), where the archives are the living memory of nature's beauty and diversity. Stay tuned for the new #DiorSS20 collection unveiling on 24th September at 3pm Paris time!

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